Greenville SC- home of Steele Restoration

Greenville SC is located about halfway between Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta GA. This thriving area has events to do year-round- from hometown shops, boutiques, art galleries, museums, and many outdoor activities.

Greenville SC is a combination of restoration and new growth. Many companies, such as Steele Restoration, are needed to keep up with the new roofs, and upgrades to the housing and commercial office buildings in this growing area. Greenville SC used to be hunting grounds for the Cherokee Indians. In 1770, Westerners found the location and 10 years later, founded the Village of Greenville. The village was centered around a log courthouse. The name “Greene” came from Nathaniel Green, who was a commander of the southern forces in the Revolutionary War.

Years later, Greenville and the Greenville/Spartanburg SC area is a thriving and growing location. French tire manufacturer, Michelin chose Greenville as its North American headquarters in 1986, and German automaker BMW moved one of their factories to Greenville in the 1990s, along with 30 suppliers. Today it has over 250 international companies from over 26 different countries. It has the most foreign investment per capita in the U.S. With new hotels, condominiums and multi-use complexes.

Some love the older homes, which need new roofs, siding, and windows. Steele Restoration is here for all your commercial or residential roofing or contracting needs.