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Residential roofing 101: Top Charlotte roofer

Residential roofing cannot be neglected. Your roof may last a long time, but no roof lasts forever.  Maybe you have been thinking of undergoing a roofing project which could either be repair or installation of a roof, and you have been confused by the roofing jargon residential roofing company workers are saying. Let’s walk you […]


Residential roofing 101 for Charlotte NC homeowners

Residential roofing systems are not difficult to understand. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and didn’t understand a single thing they said? By chance, were you talking to a roofing company? Well, here are some basics for understanding the residential roofing system so you can be better prepared when talking to roofing contractors. […]


Best residential roofing options in Charlotte NC explained

Best residential roofing options Find the best residential roofing company to fix or replace the roof of your home. Residential roofers in Charlotte NC offer a wide variety of choices for homeowners to provide value for money and to improve durability and appeal. Material options open are rolled roofing, concrete, cedar shakes, and slate tiles. […]


Best residential roofing services by Steele Restorations in Charlotte, NC

The best residential roofing repairs, when professionally executed, can offer safe and affordable protection from future implications that you may encounter if done individually. A major reason some people opt to go the ‘DIY’ route when it comes to home repairs is assuming that ordering professional services will be a pricier or more inconvenient option; […]